news · Oct 19, 2021

We expanded Sasga Yachts staff to train the best prepared team in the nautical sector.

Sasga Yachts shares the spirit of quality and responsibility.

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Sasga Yachts shares the spirit of quality and responsibility. Our vision is to become a leading company, recognised worldwide for investing in the construction of traditional Menorquins with the use of the most innovative technology and with a commitment to its workers and the environment. For this reason, we seek to create a qualified team, specialised in the construction of boats such as our Menorquín.

Each Menorquín evokes an experience, a way of existing, feeling and enjoying. We are heirs to a passion and responsible for keeping a tradition alive. Our history goes back 40 years ago, when we imagined and created the Menorcan llaüts, inspired by the elegance of the characteristic fishing llaüt of the beautiful island of Menorca, an influence of so many civilisations and a strategic point in the Mediterranean.

Island limitations were never a threat, we have managed to adapt and reinvent ourselves to become the only shipyard in the Balearic Islands with the capacity to compete in the international market. Today we are proud to say that, faced with every obstacle, we have set ourselves a new challenge, and the result has been satisfactory.

More than 70 people work in our shipyards located in Sant Lluís. Each phase of the process is carried out in a handcrafted manner because each boat is a jewel, with its own identity, with a soul, designed and created to meet the needs of each shipowner. Starting from a traditional design, we have invested time and resources to combine innovation and comfort, offering our clients the possibility of participating in this process.

Sasga Yachts' belief is focused on optimising the work and attention to detail of both its workers and the Menorquín boats that are built daily in a responsible and meticulous manner. We use reliable technology and execute consensual decisions with the best qualified team, in order to deliver the boats in perfect condition and ready for use to the clients.

The employees of Sasga Yachts make excellence and quality a working process in order to produce boats that are unique in the world. We are constantly on the move, expanding our staff to form the best trained team in the industry. Our mission is to form a community of global diversity, with a proud heritage and commitment to providing the highest quality boats and services. We care about our employees and our environment, as well as our customers.

We want to welcome you into our family, we want you to identify with our values and a philosophy that is all about excitement, striving for perfection and ultimately being a worthy successor to our forefathers.

Welcome to the Sasga family.