Your dream starts here

Each Menorquín is the reflection of a personality

Each Menorquín is built with a unique personality to satisfy the individual dreams of her owner; we work with our clients to ensure that layouts, selection of woods, upholsteries and other materials meet with their requirements whilst ensuring that we maintain the essence of our tradition.

Our models

A past that influences at the present and future

The start of our enterprising adventure dates back to 1978, when Juan Sastre, founded “Astilleros Menorca”, a shipyard to build motorboats from the traditional boats used by Minorcan fishermen, called llaüts. Our history

Where classic design meets new world technology

Utilizing the most modern design and technology innovations, our boats are manufactured to the highest standards to offer superb stability, comfort and efficiency. Sasga Yachts’ resin infused hull-moulding process produces a strong, lightweight hull that has a perfect fiberglass to resin ratio, resulting in maximum strength and efficiency. Thanks to these innovations and modifications, our entire range of yachts have now been awarded the highest CE A rating. This rating takes into consideration the quality of design, safety features and of course the construction methods.