A past full of history

A past full of history

The Sasga Menorquín range echoes the history and elegance of the island’s traditional fishing boats known as llaüts (small single-sail fishing boats). Sasga’s boatbuilding journey has spanned four decades evolving into one of the finest ranges of semi-displacement motor yachts on the market. State-of-the-art boat building technology, an experienced yacht designer and a passion to maintain their rich history are key attributes to the current Menorquín range.

In 1997 the Menorquin Yachts boats came out, a risky bet for the big lengths in a world of small lengths. Thanks to her success, the Boatyard initiated its expansion in the international nautical sector with a sure and comfortable boat, continuing with a classic image.

Down through the generations

The Shipyard turns into a family company and into 2001 the second generation of the family Sastre, with José Luis Sastre as General Manager, start to rule the company initiating the second expansion with boats of 16 and 18 m length.

2010, "Menorquín by Sasga Yachts" borns as Jose Luis Sastre's personal project who chose a Menorquín 42 as the first boat to be constructed at the Shipyard. For this new project, José Luis decides to boost the fusion between tradition and technology, a great technological change that will improve exponentially the quality of the final boat.

Into the detail

One of the own characteristics of the Sasga Yachts is the customization of our boats that it allows the client to choose among different configurations of interior distribution. Selection of woods, upholstery and other materials meet with their requirements whilst ensuring that we maintain the essence of our tradition and offer the best quality.

Another remarkable feature of a modern day Sasga Yacht is her hull. The advancement in design has enhanced the performance, reduced fuel consumption and provided a cruising speed between 12 and 18 knots and the capability of reaching 23 knots.