news · Oct 29, 2020

Exclusive interview to Okazaki Yachts

We talked to our official dealer in Japan, Okazaki Yachts

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Due to the arrival of our first Menorquin 34 Hardtop to Japan, we were able to interview our Japanese official dealer Okazaki Yachts, and learn a little more about their history. 

1.             How was Okazaki Yachts created and what has been its evolution until now?

Our chairman, Yousuke Okazaki, was the sales manager of Okazaki Boat Yard, a shipyard founded by his father 90 years ago on a small island in the archipelago of western Japan. In 1992, he left the company and founded Okazaki Yachts, importing sailing and motor boats from Europe.

Kojiro Okazaki, current General Manager, was born in this island and grew up by the sea and the shipyard until he was fourteen. Later, in 2014, he succeeded his father's company.

Sasga Yachts was introduced in Japan by the Powerboat Magazine. One of our customers was interested in the Sasga Menorquin 34 Hardtop, so we immediately contacted with the shipyard. We were lucky to be kindly invited by Sasga Yachts to its first dealer meeting in Menorca. It was a great opportunity for us to meet its culture, boats and people, and more importantly, to see under which traditional conditions such lovely boats have been built till now.


The Menorquin is a boat with an important Mediterranean Sea heritage. A pleasure boat with a classic line and a special personality, that incorporates absolutely innovative features and is adapted to the navigation needs of each owner.

2.             How has the Menorquin been received on the Japanese market, especially in your area of influence?

In Japan, the traditional trawler boat has been very popular before but most of them have been out of market because of their old fashioned look, slow cruising speed and high maintenance cost. The Menorquin is the perfect combination of traditional style and modern technology. We call the Menorquin, “The Modern Classic Fast Trawler” in Japan.


3.             What are the main features of our product that most appeal to the Japanese shipowners?

The customization, the traditional woodwork made by craftsmanship, the resin infused hull-moulding process used by Sasga Yachts, and the unique fusion between tradition and innovation.  

Her unique design comes from the traditional fishing boats “Ilauts”, as our shipyard used to build fishing boats before building sailing boats. 

Furthermore, building boats in a small island gives special impression to Japanese shipowners as we already know from our background!



4.             How would you describe the Japanese nautical culture in your area of influence?, How does the Menorquin fit into this nautical culture?


The Menorquin fits perfectly on the current new style of boating, being a magnificent performance cruise to enjoy long distances with your friends and family, considering the boat as a second home.


In addition, the Menorquin also attracts retired experienced sailors who are retired, but want to keep enjoying sailing in a traditional boat as they did on their previous boats.