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"Menorquín has been exceptionally well-received in the Italian market since its introduction in 1996"

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How Pedetti Yacht Sales was born and what has been its evolution until today?

Pedetti Yacht Sales was founded by Giancarlo Pedetti whom had a completely different occupation, which allowed him the pleasure to sail. One day, back in 1995, he decided to make a big step in his life and in the life of his relatives, moving from Monza, a small city close to Milan, to the seaside and starting his company in the marine business - indeed, Pedetti Yacht Sales, based in the touristic port of Lavagna.After very few months from its foundation, Pedetti Yacht Sales became dealer for Menorquin Yachts, and has distributed its fantastic boats since then to this very moment.Over the years, Pedetti Yacht Sales has grown into a renowned yacht sales and services company, specializing in new and used boat sales. With a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, Pedetti Yacht Sales has become a leader in the industry, representing prestigious brands exclusively in Italy. Today, with a widespread sales network spanning from Lavagna to Nettuno and sales points in Naples, Salerno, Messina, and Porto Rosa, Pedetti Yacht Sales continues to uphold its reputation for excellence and dedication to serving boat owners with top-tier support and services.


How has Menorquín been received in the Italian market?

Menorquín has been exceptionally well-received in the Italian market since its introduction in 1996. We have sold over 400 boats in Italy, indicating a strong demand and satisfaction among customers. From the outset, the brand has distinguished itself by fostering customer loyalty, with boat owners often upgrading to a newer, larger Menorquín model as their families expanded. This customer retention has been a key strength for us and a defining characteristic of the Menorquín brand.


What really motivates and attracts an Italian shipowner to the Menorquin?

What truly motivates and attracts an Italian shipowner to the MEnorquin is its timeless classic style combined with craftsmanship in woodwork, which now, with the Sasga Yachts line, has been infused with a touch of modernity, making it both contemporary and timeless. Furthermore, the seaworthiness of a Menorquin is highly valued. It enables extended voyages, allowing owners to explore and truly live the sea, all while maintaining reduced fuel consumption and providing utmost comfort. Menorquin owners often spend many hours at sea, frequently with their entire families, experiencing a connection with the sea that only boats produced by Sasga Yachts can guarantee in the nautical landscape.


How would you describe the Italian nautical culture, how does it differ from surrounding areas or countries? How does Menorquin fit into this nautical culture ?

The Italian nautical culture is deeply ingrained and renowned worldwide, owing to the country's extensive coastlines, breathtaking landscapes, natural formations, islands, bays, and coastal cities. Italy's prominence in the nautical realty is further solidified by its status as the leading producer of boats globally, home to some of the most renowned shipyards.

Menorquin, now Sasga Yachts, has seamlessly integrated into the Italian boating sector, particularly within the domain of traditional « gozzi » In doing so, it has likely added an extra dimension compared to its competitors. This is because Sasga Yachts embody a unique blend of classic design, modern amenities, and exceptional craftsmanship, which resonates deeply with the discerning tastes of Italian shipowners. Their ability to deliver vessels that combine elegance, performance, and comfort aligns perfectly with the expectations and demands of the Italian nautical culture, making them a fitting choice for those who truly appreciate the art of maritime living.


The yachting industry is a constantly evolving sector, how are these changes being addressed by Pedetti Yacht Sales in coordination with Sasga Yachts?

The yachting industry indeed undergoes constant evolution, and Pedetti Yacht Sales, in collaboration with Sasga Yachts, is at the forefront of addressing these changes. As a leading dealer for Sasga Yachts, Pedetti Yacht Sales brings to the table unparalleled expertise in terms of sales, both in terms of numbers and years of experience. Moreover, Pedetti Yacht Sales itself has a rich history in boat production, having founded two shipyards, Austin Parker and Terranova Yachts, the latter specializing in yachts ranging from 20 to 35 meters.

In this regard, Pedetti Yacht Sales has provided significant contributions to the development of the Menorquin range and the creation and evolution of the Sasga Yachts range. This deep involvement in both production and distribution uniquely positions Pedetti Yacht Sales in its relationship with Sasga Yachts, setting it apart from any other distributor. This close collaboration ensures that Pedetti Yacht Sales is not only aware of industry changes but actively contributes to shaping and adapting to them, ensuring that both Sasga Yachts and Pedetti Yacht Sales remain at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the yachting sector.