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Months of work and endless sketches later along with the Barracuda Yachts Office by Iñigo Toledo the third generation of llaüts has seen the light. Contrary to their predecessors, Sasga Yachts have been improved in every sense: comfort, stability, speed, efficiency… And our most remarkable feature is hidden under the sea: a modern hull underbody developed and designed to improve its sailing performance and reduce consumption.

Family History

The start of our enterprising adventure dates back to 1978, when Juan Sastre Bernat founded Astilleros Menorca, a shipyard to build motorboats from the traditional boats used by Minorcan fishermen, called llaüts. Starting to work in very humble premises, the company built the Menorquin Yachts and started to expand within the international nautical market introducing a safe and comfortable motorboat, highly stable and with unusual equipment for this kind of boat of classical lines and a timeless image.


Juan Sastre Bernat founded Astilleros Menorca.
The first boats which were just 8 meters were named "Conquistador"


A pioneer Llaüt with a length of 10 meters was launched.
Working under industrial premises of 1,200 sq.metres in Mahón, a pioneer llaüt was launched with a length of 10 metres.


The investment in international markets.
The presence in the Düsseldorf nautical fair opened the doors to new export markets.


The Menorquin Yachts brand is born.
The company designs the Menorquin Yachts brand with a motorboat llaüt with a length of 13 metres.


The MY range keeps growing.
The second generation of the Sastre Family gets into the business and a second period of expansion begins, with boats of 16 and 18 metres in lengths.


Guarantee of Quality.
Menorquin Yachts gets the ISO 9000:2001 certification from Lloyds Register.


A new adventure starts for Sasga Yachts.
The Sastre family retakes its passion by designing a brand new boat without losing the essence of those Minorcan llaüts that once conquered the world.


As the second step in the design of the new range, the Minorchino 54 is shown with its Hardtop and Flybridge versions.


The First Minorchino 34 is built.
The boat that achieve the nomination as “European Powerboat of the Year 2016” and awarded as “Best boat of Croatian 2016”.