news · May 30, 2017

Sasga Yachts expands his dealer’s network in France

Sasga Yachts has signed another dealer agreement in France for the French Atlantic Coast.

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This agreement represents the success of Sasga Yachts’ policy of expansion, started with the USA and the UK agreements.

Dantes Yachts ruled by François Mousset, has a large experience in the nautical sector and his way of view the nautical world fits perfectly with Sasga Yachts’ thought, as he said:

“To choose a boat is sometimes what you have always dreamed but overall it is to start up your own freedom”.

Some of the main reasons why Dantes Yachts decided to work with our menorquín boats is for our sense of taste for the beautiful things, for our high quality of materials, for our flexibility building personalized boats and for the appreciated wide interiors.

Mr. Mousset has pointed out the positive improves that Sasga Yachts has done comparing to the old Menorquin Yachts. Mr. Mousset, as a well-known of our brand, appreciated the new changes in the interiors, in the keel, in the materials and in the improvements for low fuel consumption among other developments.

With this agreement, Sasga Yachts dealer’s network become stronger in the French market, establishing the brand in the Atlantic coast.