news · Jun 22, 2022

Sasga Yachts celebrates a Dealer Meeting on the island of Menorca to inform all its dealers about the latest innovations in all the Menorquín boats for the next season 22/23.

Dealers from all over the world meet on the island of Menorca at the second Sasga Yachts Dealer Meeting to know the shipyard’s innovations for the next 22/23 season.

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Sasga Yachts has held its second Dealer Meeting in Menorca, which was attended by dealers from all over the world to inform them about the latest marketing campaigns, as well as modifications to the boats and technological innovations for the coming season.

The event, which took place in Menorca on the 16th and 17th of June, proved to be a welcoming experience for the dealers and very satisfactory for the organisers. The attendees, some of them coming from places like Australia and New Zealand, not only gathered information about the Menorcan brand's technological novelties, they also enjoyed the island's landscape and gastronomy.

During the first day of the event, the dealers got to know the shipyard and the different stages of production at the Sasga Yachts factory. Afterwards, a convention was held in which the management and marketing department of Sasga Yachts presented the projects carried out during this season and those that are planned to be completed next season.

Among these projects for next season presented by the shipyard is the launch of the new Sasga Yachts website, whose new design will make the website easier and more interactive for a better user experience. Also the launch of the new logo for the Menorquin Club, which has been developed by the marketing department of Sasga Yachts and which will imply an improvement in the corporate identity of the brand, as well as an increase in the relationship between the owners of Menorquin Yachts, Sasga Yachts and the shipyard. Finally, the new corporate identity that will be reflected in the new Signature range from next season was also presented.

We must not forget Sasga Yachts' persevering interest in constant improvement and future projection, which is why some of the improvements that will be incorporated in all the Menorquín models for the next season were also presented. Among the new implementations, the new Flybridge for the Menorquín 68, made of fibreglass, is worth mentioning. In addition to the new alternative of a multifunctional hydraulic bathing platform, Opacmare Transformer, designed to increase the space at the stern to facilitate access to the boat from the sea and to store dinghies. Finally, and following the contributions of each of the dealers, the presentation also included the launch of the new Menorquín 54, with the respective proposals for the improvements that will make this boat more modern, functional and attractive, without losing the essence that characterises the brand. During the exhibition it was announced that the first unit of this new Menorquín 54 will be available on display at the boat shows in 2023.

During the second day of the Dealer Meeting, Volvo Penta, Raymarine and Humphree suppliers made presentations about the latest technological incorporations that Sasga Yachts has applied to its Menorquín boats for the coming season, which will provide significant improvements in the seaworthiness and comfortability of each of the boats.

The aim of these conferences is to strengthen the relationship between Sasga Yachts distributors and the shipyard itself, in order to encourage teamwork and promote the optimum commercialization of the new features in the boats.

At present, although Sasga Yachts' principal market is in Europe, the Menorquín brand is selling Menorquín boats in more than 10 countries all over the world. Thanks to the constant growth of the shipyard and its increasing demand in the international market, today, Sasga Yachts brings together more than 80 people who work every day to make this reality possible.

Sasga Yachts focuses on gradual growth and constant improvement in each of its boats, seeking to achieve the highest optimisation of its boats day by day. The Menorcan shipyard not only wants to offer the best performance in technological equipment, but also focuses on making the space more comfortable, adapting specifically to the personal needs of each owner, offering different configurations in the interior layout, upholstery, wood and other materials. The manufacturing process of each Menorquín is carried out in an handcrafted way, so that each boat is a unique jewel, with its own identity and focused on satisfying the personal needs of each client.

The aim of Sasga Yachts is not only to expand the market and increase the commercialisation of its boats. The shipyard also puts a lot of effort into taking care of its customers, making them feel proud that they have chosen to be the creators of their own boat. In this way, owning a Menorquin and sailing aboard one of them is a guarantee of identity, comfort and elegance.

The Menorquín identity seal has managed to captivate Owners and Dealers all over the world. With its unique essence and own style, Sasga Yachts has promoted its philosophy and objectives, making the shipyard a unique brand that is recognised all over the world.