news · May 19, 2022

Care and maintenance for your Menorquin’s underwater hull

Do you know what is the correct maintenance for the Menorquin's underwater hull?

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Keeping the boat in perfect condition, carrying out preventive and scheduled maintenance, will prevent its hull and mechanics from suffering damaging consequences in the future.

You should bear in mind that the repairs to be carried out on the boat as a result of poor maintenance can be much more expensive than the cost of all the periodic preventive maintenance.

For this and other reasons, we recommend that you should carry out regular maintenance on your Menorquin, in order to avoid any possible incidents that could damage it during the navigation season.

What is antifouling paint?

Antifouling paint is a material that contains a series of active biocides that, when they come into contact with seawater, gradually dissolve to prevent plant microorganisms and other marine animals from becoming encrusted in the boat's hull.

There are different types of antifouling, based on different compositions and for different ways of acting on different surfaces, so you should select the product that best suits the type of boat, material, type of navigation and geographical area where you usually navigate.

It should be considered that these types of materials are considered pesticides, so they can be harmful to the environment. For this reason, they should be applied following the instructions indicated by the manufacturer, using appropriate materials to avoid risks and, under no circumstances, should they be poured into the sea.

Advantages for the maintenance of the underwater hull

Keeping the boat's hull in optimum condition is very important, as in addition to preventing deterioration of the fibreglass, we will not only reduce fuel consumption, we will also help to close the areas where seawater enters and cools the engine. This will make the boat more efficient.

Factors that influence the degree of fouling

Depending on the vessel's usual navigation area, the degree of fouling of marine life on the hull may vary.

This process will depend on factors such as tidal changes, water salinity, water pollution and water temperature.

Signs that it is time to replace antifouling

The antifouling products we use at Sasga Yachts deteriorate progressively over the period of time the boat is at sea. It is therefore advisable to apply a new coat of antifouling at least once a year.

At least once a year, it is advisable to take the boat out of the water to prepare it for the new season. The best time is during the first and last months of the year, when the sea temperature is quite low and before the navigation season starts.

What do we use at Sasga Yachts?

At Sasga Yachts we use three different antifouling products depending on the material we want to protect from marine factors, whether they are metals, plastics or fibreglass, in this way we achieve greater efficiency and durability in the materials of our boats.

At Sasga Yachts we recommend using the same materials that we use in the shipyard during the manufacture of the boat to ensure the correct maintenance of your Menorquin.