news · May 18, 2022

The Mediterranean Trawler, the re-invention of the Menorquin by Sasga Yachts.

The shipyard reinvents its Menorquin models improving their efficiency and adapting the classic design towards modernity.

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Sasga Yachts is committed to its spirit of evolution and improvement, which is why it is launching The Mediterranean Trawler, the reinvention of the Menorquin models which makes them more reliable, aesthetic and efficient.

The Mediterranean Trawler

With a proposal to improve its boats, Sasga Yachts seeks to increase the technology and avant-garde design of its boats. While maintaining the classic and elegant style that defines the nautical tradition to which Sasga Yachts is heir.

The new Menorquin reinvented by Sasga Yachts stand out for their updated interior and exterior design which improves their habitability, without losing the classic and timeless line which characterises the model.

On the other hand, improvements have been made to the engine, increasing the cruising speed power with low consumption and quieter.

The shipyard is committed to keeping alive the tradition and classic style of this type of boat, without losing sight of the future, redesigning it to maintain its value over time with the most up-to-date and highest quality features.

Increase in motorization

One of the improvements that Sasga Yachts is applying to its boats this season is the increase in engines. These improvements will help to maintain cruising speed, reducing cruising time, while maintaining reasonable fuel consumption. This new improvement in the Menorquin makes this model the perfect boat for those owners who love Slow Yachting.

Each Menorquin is designed to satisfy specific needs and is perfectly suited to the profile of each owner. That is why we have studied together with Volvo Penta the requirements of each boat in order to satisfy the needs of the owner in a suitable way:

-Menorquin 34: Its power has been increased by 17% with a Volvo Penta D4 270 HP engine.

-Menorquin 42: Power increased by 6.7% with a Volvo Penta D4 320 HP engine.

-Menorquin 54 increases its power by 9% with a Volvo Penta D6 480 HP engine.

With these engine improvements, the Sasga Yachts Menorquins can reach a top speed of up to 23 knots.

Classic elegance reinvented

The reinvention of the Menorquin offers new interiors that evoke the classic Menorcan llaüt, but without losing sight of avant-garde design. Using fine woods and top-quality materials, Sasga Yachts manages to transmit comfort, elegance and functionality in every corner of the boat's interior.

This is in addition to the revision of the flybridge on the Menorquin 54 and Menorquin 68 models. Under the Sight-seeing Yachting concept, the new flybridge offers 360º navigation, which provides extra comfort and visibility during navigation.

Furthermore, in order to offer maximum comfort on its boats, Sasga Yachts has implemented a new soundproofing system in all its models, providing its owners with a quieter and calmer sailing experience.

Equipment packs on all models to suit every owner's needs

Taking into consideration the different lifestyles and personalities of the owners, Sasga Yachts has developed a system of closed equipment packs, in order to offer the services that best suit each owner. In this way, and based on the philosophy of constant improvement, Sasga Yachts manages to satisfy the needs of each owner, making life on board more comfortable and at the same time simplifying the configuration process of the future boat.

In addition to the Shipyard Choice Pack, the pack with the essential equipment recommended by Sasga Yachts, the shipyard offers the possibility to choose between the following packs according to the lifestyle of the owner: Comfort Pack, Protection Pack, Entertainment Pack and Navigation Pack. To these packs, each owner can add different equipment options to create the Menorquin of their dreams: Mooring, Navigation System, Exterior Finishings and Optional Equipment.

The Mediterranean Trawler by Sasga Yachts has arrived to continue improving day by day, to continue offering greater comfort in navigation and a renewed design, while at the same time taking care of the classic and sophisticated style that represents the brand's boats.