news · Dec 22, 2021

Sasga Yachts improves its boats by optimising their seaworthiness and design.

The improvements applied this season to the Menorquin make these boats better adapted to the lifestyle of their owner.

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The Mediterranean Trawler

The new Menorquin from Sasga Yachts is the new Mediterranean Trawler. The perfect combination of tradition, culture and modernity. Their reinvented design and increased power at cruising speed, as well as their comfortable seaworthiness, make these boats jewels that adapt to your lifestyle and reflect a unique personality.

Elegant and classic design meets modernity and avant-garde design. This boat, which continues with a classic but elegant line, is updated with the best technologies in order to offer the best experience on board. The combination of classic style and the technical avant-garde, which focuses on improvements in motorisation, navigability and stability on board.

The design of these boats means that the value of their aesthetics and functionality will last over time.

Improvements in motorisation and functionalities in the Menorquin boats

Among the improvements included in the new Menorquin are the increase in motorisation which allows the cruising speed typical of slow sailing vessels to be maintained. These improvements allow a more agile seaworthiness, providing the possibility of shorter cruising times whilst maintaining reasonable fuel consumption.

Sasga Yachts has adapted the improvements in the engines taking into account the main characteristics and requirements of each boat:

-The Menorquin 34 increases its power by 17% with a Volvo Penta D4 270 HP engine.

-The Menorquin 42 increases its power by 6.7% with a Volvo Penta D4 320 HP engine.

-The Menorquin 54 increases its power by 9% with a Volvo Penta D6 480 HP engine.

In this way, the new Menorquin reinvented boats can reach speeds of up to 24 knots.

Equipment packs adapted to the needs of each shipowner

As the improvement project states, each Menorquin is unique at sea and adapts to the lifestyle of its owner, thus reflecting a personality and making it a unique boat in the world.

It is for this reason that Sasga Yachts offers the client different equipment packs for the boat that adapt to the different lifestyles of the clients aboard a Menorquin. These packs facilitate the adaptation of the boat and the decision making process in the design and comfort of the Mediterranean Trawler.

In addition to the Shipyard Choice Pack, which is the equipment recommended by the shipyard itself. Sasga Yachts offers a catalogue of packs available to the client: Comfort, Pack, Protection Pack, Entertainment Pack and Navigation Pack. To these, the owner himself can apply different equipment alternatives to create the Menorquin that best suits his personality and lifestyle.

The Mediterranean Trawler by Sasga Yachts has arrived to continue to evolve day by day, to offer greater comfort in navigation and a renewed design while continuing to take care of the classic and sophisticated style.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the different Menorquin models. At Sasga Yachts we will be delighted to advise you.