news · Apr 14, 2021

Meet our official dealer in Catalonia, Hermanos Guasch

Exclusive interview with Hermanos Guasch, our official dealer in Catalan waters

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1. How was Hermanos Guasch born and how has it evolved up to the present day?

Josep Maria, Rodolf and Eloi, the Guasch Brothers, started out in the nautical business in 1994 repairing boats on the Catalan coast, offering a tailor-made aftersales service, especially when most workshops were closed at weekends or during August. This generated a high satisfaction level among our clients followed by sustained growth, and most importantly, they were able to earn the complicity and trust of their customers.

When progress was more than evident, the Guasch´s decided to take a further step and inaugurate the current corporate headquarters. The centre, with 7.000 m2 dedicated exclusively to the nautical sector, offers a wide range of services to the most demanding customers.

After more than 25 years of dedication, “Hermanos Guasch” currently relies on a solid and experienced team capable of providing a professional and efficient service, offering a personalised customer service, showing a humble and enthusiastic attitude, and a great desire to work.

Hermanos Guasch has always been seduced by the Menorquin concept, reliable and quality boats, made in the traditional way but without renouncing to the latest technological innovations. With the start of Sasga Yachts, it was finally possible to materialise this agreement and fulfil one of the company's aims: to work with a national shipyard with a very good professional service and exceptional treatment.


2. How has the Menorquin been received in your operational area?

The Menorquin reflects the essence of the Mediterranean Sea and, as official dealer of Sasga in Catalonia, we can let the boat speak for itself since the Catalan coast is pure Mediterranean.

Furthermore, the Menorquin is nourished by the tradition of the typical Menorcan llaut, whose stability, consistency and quality craftsmanship are well known in our area of operation. For this reason, our customers are delighted that we are able to offer them this type of boat on the Catalan coast.  


3. From your point of view, what really motivates and attracts a shipowner to the Menorquin?

Owners who seek attention to detail and excellence in all aspects of their lives will be attracted to a Menorquin.

Those shipowners who recognize the value of the capacity for personalisation and the exquisite balance between the use of noble materials such as the natural wood, with the application of new technologies.

Undertaking a project with Sasga Yachts is an experience and a process full of excitement in which we are pleased to guide our clients.


4. How would you describe the Spanish nautical culture; how does it differ from surrounding areas or countries? How does the Menorquin fit into this nautical culture?

We could say that the Spanish nautical culture is more recent than others nearby countries, and the use of boats is concentrated mainly in the summer season.

Even though, those sailing enthusiasts who choose a Menorquin are the exception that proves the rule, because their purpose is to enjoy the boat throughout the year.


5. The nautical industry is a sector in constant evolution. How are you dealing with these changes at Hermanos Guasch?

The value of enjoying quality time is increasing, and sea lovers are aware that a boat gives you the freedom you need to enjoy this time with your loved ones.

Boaters are seeking a deeper enjoyment of experiences and moments, and this sometimes involves different uses of boats. Not necessarily in ownership, but there are also alternative uses such as charter or others occasional activities that are also part of the nautical sector. At Hermanos Guasch, we also offer this kind of service to the different nautical users.


6.  Due to the current situation, what new challenges are you facing to meet the future demands and needs of the market?

The current situation has restricted our ability to interact face to face with customers and hold boats shows. In the case of Sasga Yachts, it is especially crucial to develop new formats to promote private events, where customers have the opportunity to see or even test the boats in order to be able to move forward with their project.

For clients interested in acquiring a Sasga Yachts, it is particularly important to see, feel and discover a Menorquin in the first place, and realise the quality and value contained in this boat.

One of these formats that bring light to the current situation is the Sasga Yachts Trial Festival at Port Ginesta (Barcelona), that we will take place in the upcoming months.